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Jaguars enter 2013 with a clean slate, so should the fans

The 2013 Jaguars should look nothing like the previous variations of the team.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are preparing to attempt to rebuild their roster under the guidance of general manager David Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley. For the past decade, the Jaguars have been trying to rebuild and just couldn't quite get the job done.

Going forward, the team is going to look completely different but will still have a lot of the same parts, which in turn is going to leave fans already thinking a certain way for the 2013 season.

Well, forget about it.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

While the Jaguars might have a lot of the same moving parts in 2013, they're going to look a lot different. The team is bringing in a new defensive scheme with a coach who preaches competition and letting players do what they do well. A new offense with likely 1-2 new quarterbacks on the roster in an open competition with an offensive coaching staff who's coming in blind, so to speak, with the talent available.

"There are no preconceived notions," Caldwell told "I know how competitive our coaching staff is. I have a vision just talking to Coach Bradley. It's going to be competitive."

The problem with a lot of the local media, myself, and fans is we all have those preconceived notions. Most of us don't think Blaine Gabbert is the answer at quarterback and is just going to suck again, because we've watched him suck the past two seasons.

It's likely Gabbert will probably stink again, but it's also possible he's not even the starter on opening day.

Bradley is coming from a team in the Seattle Seahawks who preach the same brand of competition under head coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a big contract in free agency and drafted Russell Wilson in the third round, who wound up winning the starting job. Carroll didn't care where the paychecks lay, all he cared about was the competition and who rose to the top. That's all Bradley and Caldwell are going to care about going forward.

"There are no slotted starters going in," Caldwell told "Whoever's here is going to earn it."

The best bet for Jaguars fans in general is to forget what you saw the past two seasons, which should be particularly easy. Focus on what happens going forward, because there is a whole new regime in town. No one is guaranteed anything right now and everyone is going to have to earn it.