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NFL Draft grades: Jaguars among worst of 2010 in a re-grade

The Jaguars had one of the worst drafts in 2010.

Sam Greenwood

Immediately following the NFL Draft, experts begin to hand out their draft grades. It's a silly practice to grade a draft immediately, before a team even hits the field, and is really just grading teams based on how the experts ranked their draft board. You really need about three full seasons to grade a class, but unfortunately that doesn't really help grading out the Jaguars.

As Kenneth Arthur points out, the Jaguars were among the worst in the NFL in 2010:

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29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Top Pick: DT Tyson Alualu (10th overall)

I don't know how other people feel about Alualu, but he might be a bit of an underrated player, even if many people were mocking Jason Pierre-Paul to the Jaguars before the draft and yes that would have been a better pick. Alualu is good. Nobody else in this Jacksonville draft class is. Jack Del Rio was relieved of his duties in the middle of 2011 and the Jags are 7-25 in the last two seasons.

I can't really argue with ranking the Jaguars so low, because the 2010 draft class is almost a total bust. So far, Alualu hasn't come close to being worth the 10th overall pick and the only other redeemable player in the class is defensive end Austen Lane, who's struggled to stay on the field. Both players could see a resurgence in Gus Bradley's new defense, but overall it's one of the worst classes in franchise history.