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Filling the QB Need

Drafting for need is important. It is beyond important. It is paramount important. It is paramountiest importantiest (not a typo. That's Latin.) Blaine Gabbert, while very attractive, might not be the answer. But, then again, he might be.

Sam Greenwood

Vito is right, you guys. Drafting is hard. Drafting involves a lot of luck. But, much like those that buy scratch off tickets by the handful, the more you have directly correlates to your chances at success. Chaps Mock Draft is up now.

With the 2nd overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select: QB Geno Smith. Geno has the ability to make all the throws. He is illusive in the pocket and keeps his eyes down field. He was extremely accurate for the better part of 2 seasons but fell off just a smidge towards the end of the season. This could be in part due to the fact that his team had to score 300 points a game to win.

With the 33rd pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select QB Mike Glennon. Glennon is a project QB but he could probably learn from Geno Smith his first year and battle for the starting job in the coming season. He has a big arm and will be cheap for a backup.

With the 64th pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select QB Zac "let me buy you" Dysert. I dont know anything about him but his name is cool and I see his name in mock drafts so let's go with him. It's luck anyway.

This is where I think we should do something radical. After we select our 3rd round pick, I suggest that we trade MJD and Chad Henne and move back in the first round with a two way trade between us and the Titans. They give us their first round pick and we make everyone else draft over. We start again with the 10th pick. At this point we will know what everyone else's draft philosophy is. It will work to our advantage. Im not going past round 3 because that is stupid.