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The Electricty is Palpable

New movements. New chants. New team. New feel. Same passion.


The influx of soccer style stadium chants is just what the doctor ordered for a young team with a young fan base that is growing into "generation Jaguar." The young 20 and 30 somethings that are out here supporting a team that was founded when we were young. It is a passion that our parents dont know and our children might not fully understand. We are the Jaguars of the first generation. Hopefully, in the coming generations we will be the ones who soundly put to rest any semblance of tarp talk, empty seats chatter and the experience at the Bank will become like no where else in the league. Jacksonville has long been known as a college football town. That's fair. But, we can change that. We can change that by developing our own organic movements as fans. The team isnt suggesting any soccer style chants. We are. Im Duval til I die. Im Duval til I die. I know I am, Im sure I am. Im Duval til I die. Fire. If that doesnt negate your need for Viagra, nothing will.