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Jarvis Jones skipping NFL combine 2013

Jarvis Jones is considered by many to be a pass rushing outside linebacker.


Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans would like the franchise to select Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Jarvis Jones with the second overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, but there are some athletic and explosion concerns to go along with his medical red flags. Fans and NFL teams will have to wait to see how Jones grades out in some of the drills however, as he's decided that he's going to skip working out at the NFL combine entirely.

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A lot of teams don't like to see this from players if they don't have a medical condition preventing them from working out, because it's a chance to see players side-by-side in an uncontrolled environment, unlike a Pro Day on their home campus. For instance, linebacker Dion Jordan is doing all of the drills at the combine except the bench press because he's coming off surgery on his labrum.

This will just fuel concerns with Jones' overall athletic ability and speed, and personally I was very interested in how he was going to grade out against the others.