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Jaguars new uniforms: Teal will still have a place

There are questions surrounding what the new Jaguars uniform will look like.

Mike Lawrie

The Jacksonville Jaguars are changing their uniforms for the 2013 season, but what they will look like is still a big question. We know the uniform will be primarily black, as the Jaguars have shifted from teal as their primary color, but that doesn't mean the teal uniform is going to go away completely.

"The goal was to make a change," Jaguars president Mark Lamping told fans at a Fan Forum event. "The idea was to continue to have teal be a part of every uniform that we wear, and that that teal jersey would become our version of that Notre Dame green jersey. Notre Dame has a green jersey they wear occasionally. You don't know when they're going to wear it, but when they bring it out, there's tremendous support and it gets a lot of attention."

Teal will still be an accent color on the new uniform, but as Lamping says, it's now going to be a "special" uniform for the Jaguars to break out.

"We still do have our teal jersey," Lamping said. "We're just returning it for special occasions."