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Personal Questions

In a day and age when everything is within bounds to ask a prospect at the NFL Draft, why are we limiting ourselves now?


It was very important for scouts to ask Dez Bryant about his mother during his combine just two years ago. We learned a lot about Dez. We are learning a lot about Honey Badger by asking him about his love for weed. Why cant we or the NFL GMs and scouts ask the tough questions?

Let's take a look at one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Tom Brady. Tom has had a very successful career on and off the football field. He is exactly what you want in a franchise type player. He takes less money, gets the endorsements, and wins the Super Bowl every year ten years ago. But what does that stem from? Is it his arm strength? His intelligence? His feet always being warm in the offseason? No. It all stems from who he sleeps with. He sleeps with a Brazilian model. I cant remember her name and cant find it anywhere on the internet but she is a pretty well known model in Brazil. She used to wear Guess jeans if that tells you anything. Tom is happy at home. Tom is happy in the bedroom. Tom wins Superbowls ten years ago and almost wins them now (we are looking at your Wes Welker.)

"But what is your point, Uncle Chaps?" Great question. My point is, why dont we ask everyone who they are or who they want to sleep with? It seems to be the most important question that isnt asked. "Oh, you are married. That's great. But who are you sleeping with this week Colin Klein?" The tough questions arent asked anymore. Who is Te'o sleeping with? I've heard rumors about Te'o but I honestly dont think that he is sleeping with Todd McShay. But if he was, so what. It's common place to sleep with people who have the ability to move you up in the world. There are countless accounts of men sleeping with high powered executives to get their foot in the door with the women that run the country. How else can you explain Jeff Van Gundy being an NBA coach? You cant.

Let's start getting real, people. This is the NFL that we are talking about. Sex matters.