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Jaguars Draft Status, Who Is Value

The Jaguars hold what many thought would be the second most valuable pick in the draft, however this pick now seems to garner only a slight advantage over other top-10 selections. Now, the Jaguars need value. Who is value?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As the build-up of the draft becomes more and more of a collapsing sun waiting to explode, the anticipation has reached desperation level. Every fan, both knowledgable and those who should read more, now knows enough to have an idea on who their team should pick. Some have narrowed this down to a list, some know for sure which player indeed will effect the long-term health of this franchise in not just a healthy manner, but in a powerful, life-changing way. They will explode on the field like a sun.

Absurd hyperbole out of the way, we are amidst a special time in the annals of Jaguars history. We, as fans, get the opportunity to not only watch this third major chapter in the franchise unfold, but we get to watch as an informed fan and truly follow along with draft picks; knowing their history (sometimes more than you wanted, but thanks anyway Jeff Ireland), tendencies and generally a fairly accurate description of their best scheme fits.

This, is the modern fan. We don't read in a newspaper how some kid named Terry Bradshaw just got drafted by the Stillers. No, we teach people how our first round draft picks fit the team. We may even teach for 6th rounders, or we send them to Chaps for more "info".

This season, we see our team faced with a number of options. Should the team chase after a QB? Is there a QB to chase after? Should the team fix the lines? Everyone knows they are in shambles, much to my dismay.

Personally, I'm all for drafting a stud lineman in the first, taking the best talent available in the second and then worrying about the rest of the draft as it happens. I know it would be great to take a QB in the first or second, luckily this draft seems to offer quality second round QB's, making that pick highly valubale for a team such as the Jets--who don't really admit their own problems.

What's the method to the madness of skipping a QB? Teddy Bridgewater in 2014, but that's for another talk.

Tell me where you stand. How does the first round look for you? Do you favor certain DE's? I like Damontre Moore over Barkevious Mingo or Dion Jordan. I think Moore can really be a game-changing player and you absolutely have to have those. I've included most of the top prospects in the poll.