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What the Alex Smith Trade Means

The Alex Smith trade is going to be far reaching in its significance. The Chiefs have found their quarterback much in the same fashion that they found their previous quarterback. The looked far and wide for a team that did well and traded for the backup that had little to do with it. It's brilliant. But can the Jaguars model themselves after the Chiefs? Yes. But also hell no. But maybe.


In all seriousness the Alex Smith trade opens the door that much more for the Jaguars to get that franchise Left Tackle. I believe that Andy Reid was serious when he said that he wants competition at the Quarterback position. That being said, I still think that the Chiefs will take Geno Smith with the number one overall pick. If they dont, where are they going to get the competition from?

After the Chiefs select Geno, Luke Jokelles will be readily available to select with the the 2nd pick. Sure, Eugene Monroe is a top 10 Left Tackle but Luke could be top 5 in the next few years. Top 5 guys dont come around that often. I say that we shop Eugene for a 2nd and a 5th. If we do that, we can build depth. That is what we really need.

Things are going well this year for the Jaguars. Sure we had a bit of a hiccup from late August to early January but things are looking up now. Cant wait to buy that new jersey. Go Jaguars!