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2013 NFL Draft rankings: Quarterback Top 5

West Virginia Geno Smith comes in as the top quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft class.


The quarterback class in the 2013 NFL Draft is a murky one that inspires a lot of debate because ranking the quarterbacks this year generally falls on what a person likes to see from the position. Below are my personal rankings of the 2013 NFL Draft quarterback class.

1. Geno Smith, West Virginia

Geno Smith vs. Texas (2012)

Geno Smith has been my No. 1 quarterback for this draft class the entire time, as I think he has all the necessary tools you look for in a quarterback you take in the Top 10. Smith has more than enough arm strength to make the stick throws in the NFL and possess excellent touch on his deep passes. Geno is decent enough in the pocket, knowing when to avoid pressure and slide, but can float into pressure at times while looking downfield. Smith's best asset is the fact that he always keeps his eye level downfield and generally does not drop it when feeling pressure. He also posses the ability to scramble and pick up yards if necessary, but prefers to stay in the pocket.

2. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Tyler Wilson vs. SCAR (2013)

Wilson is my second rated quarterback, because like Geno I think he has the necessary tools to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Wilson is good at eating up the middle of the field and has good enough arm strength to make the necessary NFL throws. Wilson's deep passes will flutter at times, but in my opinion a lot of that has to do with a combination of smaller hands and more-so his footwork and weight transfer when making the deeper passes. Wilson has a bit of a "gun slinger" mentality and will need a coaching staff that can keep him reeled in.

3. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

Ryan Nassib vs. USC (2012)

Nassib is an interesting quarterback who's more a "tools" guy than anything else right now. He has good size and is a lot more mobile than often given credit for, but he struggles to put it all together at times. Nassib can put good velocity on his shorter passes but for some reason seems to float a lot of his deeper passes. He's best fit in a team that's going to run west coast offense and let Nassib eat up the intermediate routes and roll the pocket.

4. Zac Dysert, Miami (OH)

Zac Dysert vs. OSU (2012)

Those who follow me know I have a soft spot for Dysert and I see him has probably the best shot to get a starting quarterback in the mid-rounds. Dysert has good enough size, athleticism, and arm to make all the NFL throws. He's particularly good throwing on the move and has experience under center, in the pistol, and in a shotgun spread offense. He wasn't helped with his surrounding cast and offensive change his senior year to a more quick passing game, but he does well under pressure and with a lack of talent around him. His final season he had a tendency to force throws to try to make a play, but that should be something that will ease off with better receiving talent.

5. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Tyler Bray vs. SCAR (2012)

Bray should probably be higher on my rankings based on physical ability alone, but that's the biggest problem with Bray as a prospect. He has everything you want in a quarterback, as far as size and arm talent, but he comes up a little short upstairs. This isn't to say Bray is stupid or doesn't read the field, but he seems to get rattled at times and begins to just snowball downhill. Bray will keep his eye level up and not look at the rush however, hanging in the pocket and delivering throws downfield. He's an aggressive passer taking shots down the field, but will force the ball into coverage trusting his arm. Bray is possibly the most talented overall quarterback in the draft, but will need good coaching and foundation around him to work with his issues.