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Should Jaguars Draft a Right Tackle

After watching virtually any Jaguars game from the 2011 or 2012 season, almost any viewer would classyify the position of right tackle as a huge need for the Jaguars. Will it be addressed?


First, let's address the situation. Almost all Jaguars fans clamored for the release of T Guy Whimper after what easily classifies as abysmal play. Next in line the Jaguars have Cameron Bradfield, who most certainly would start the season at right tackle if no other talent were to be brought in. The Jaguars will bring in other talent, rest assured on that.

Second, let's look at the question. A large number of die-hard Jaguars fans feel that right tackle lies as one of the biggest needs for the team, both in the short-term as well as the long-term. I agree, however does this mean that the 2nd overall pick should be used on a tackle? Does it even mean the second-round pick should fulfill the same purpose, even in the event the first pick plays another position? Should the Jaguars frantically trade back in order to fix it?

We have to all unnderstood that we don't know anything. This is very important. The one's of us that are informed still don't know the teams plan, we just collect knowledge in order to understand our team better. Unfortunately, there are cases where our own understanding, especially on this site, seems to surpass the team but let's not assume that will be a regular case with the new regime. They deserve a chance.

We are also still in the Pre-Free Agency Period for a team with many holes scattered along the entire roster. This team will not be complete when the season starts, regardless of the outcome of the NFL Draft. The best hope for any fan of the Jaguars remains that the team plays competitively, not dominantly--that's a bit of a reach.

So when examining a hole on the roster, even a gaping one such as the current right tackle "experience", try to keep in mind that it may not be fixed this off-season. Hey, it may not be fixed next off-season. Cam Bradfield is servicable, though an upgrade in talent remains the top pursuit for every position.

In closing, there's just a few quick points I'd like to share.

1. Don't worry about right tackle in the draft when it may be handled in Free Agency. Simply take a breath and wait for Free Agency to be over before you assume that RT is the teams biggest need in the first round.

2. Don't feel as though the Jaguars have to draft a tackle in the first round to fix the right tackle situation. In the event that the RT position does not get addressed in Free Agency (doubtful) or the first round (likely) then look to the later rounds for help. Many offensive line starters have come from outside the top 50 picks and done well in this league.

3. The Right Tackle position is not and will not be a premium position. If you want to be frantic about a position, I'll give you a few: Elite safety (not a top-2 pick), Cornerback (not a top-2 pick), Linebacker (not a top-2 pick), Defensive Tackle (depending on talent, a top-2 pick), Defensive End with ability to constantly affect the passer (definite top-2 pick), and finally guard(very much not a top-2 pick). These positions desperately need to be tended to, even moreso than right tackle.

4. The draft remains about collecting talent. Hope for that--talent, the Jaguars aren't in the top 25 teams in the NFL in terms of talent. It should be fixed in the next few years.

5. For me, at least, the new regime doesn't make me feel as though I could walk up and do a better job and that is a HUGE relief.