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Super Bowl roundup, SB Nation style

The Ravens bested the 49ers in the Super Bowl.



After a turbulent season filled with various different ups and downs the Baltimore Ravens have managed to push through all adversity and win the Super Bowl. Words cannot describe how truly happy I am right now, and honestly it still hasn't completely sunk in yet. Happiness is the only word I can use to describe this historic moment. Enjoy this victory Baltimore, we deserve it!

Super Bowl final score: 49ers lose to Ravens in mistake-fueled performance - Niners Nation

Words cannot begin to describe how much this sucks. We thought losing to the Giants in last year's NFC Championship Game sucked, and yet this is so much worse. The 49ers played some atrocious football at times, and yet they still had a chance to win this thing late. It was a wildly entertaining game, but that is little comfort after a season that had them on the verge of Lombardi No. 6.

Super Bowl 2013 score: MVP Joe Flacco and Ravens win a stunner, beat 49ers, 34-31 - Baltimore Beat Down

From start-to-finish, here is your Super Bowl 2013 recap between the 49ers and Ravens. The Ravens offense started the game driving down the field in just 2:29, covering 51 yards over six plays. The drive culminated in a beautiful throw from Joe Flacco to Anquan Boldin for the 13-yard touchdown. Flacco's pass seemed to go slow-mo in the air as it floated into the perfect spot for Boldin.