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Jaguars new logo confirmed by team

The Jaguars have confirmed they will be getting a new logo.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be holding a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, which led to some speculation that a new logo would be revealed, which has been rumored on places like Twitter and random Internet pages. There has been nothing solid on if a new logo will be revealed on Tuesday, but there will be a new logo after all.

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The Jaguars confirmed on Monday that the team will indeed have a new logo:

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The Jaguars will have a new look next season. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan on Friday confirmed the team will have a new logo and/or design, with the new appearance "rolled out (on) the NFL's schedule." Khan added, "It's going to be great." Stay tuned.

There has been speculation that the new logo will look more "fierce", whatever that means, but that's been about the jist of what's been speculated. Oddly enough, the Jaguars are one of only two teams who have never changed their logo, the other being the Houston Texans.

Here's a neat graphic on logo changes from @tealtalk, for those who like to talk about "classics" and how teams never change them.