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Jaguars 2013 season in review: Offensive line

What do the advanced statistics tell us about the Jaguars offensive line in 2012?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line was a mess during the 2012 season, with really only Eugene Monroe playing consistently well. Outside of Monroe, most of the players struggled during the season in quite a few of the games leading to players getting benched, put back in the game, then benched again and a seemingly revolving door at the left guard position.

The Phinsider did a nice write up on their offensive line with some visual aid to display how good and/or bad players were, so I thought I would steal their idea and do my own for the Jaguars offensive line. I didn't include players who played sparingly like Herb Taylor and Steve Vallos, but as you would expect they would have wound up in the red.

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Pro Football Focus uses a positive and negative grading system, so if we look at the advanced stats of each player on the offensive line, we can kind of see how they performed week to week and if they had any kind of consistency. For the grading here, we will be using the overall grade from PFF, which combines both pass and run blocking. Some players have their overall grade completely tanked by being particularly bad in one area, but over the long run it evens out.

Legend: Great (1.0 or higher), Good (0.1-0.9), Bad (0- -0.9), Awful (-1.0 or lower)

Game Monroe Britton Meester Nwaneri Bradfield Whimper Brewster Pasztor
@ MIN Great Bad Awful Bad Awful Awful Good DNP
HOU Good DNP Awful Awful DNP Awful DNP DNP
@ IND Great DNP Awful Good DNP Great Bad DNP
CIN Awful Awful Awful Great Bad Good Awful DNP
CHI Great Good Bad Bad Awful Bad DNP DNP
@ OAK Great Awful Great Awful Good DNP Bad DNP
@ GB Bad DNP Good Great Great Good Awful DNP
DET Good DNP Great Good Great Good Awful DNP
IND Good DNP Awful Great Awful Bad Awful DNP
@ HOU Awful DNP Good Awful Good Awful Awful DNP
TEN Bad DNP Bad Great Awful Great Awful DNP
@ BUF Great Bad Awful Bad Awful Great Awful DNP
NYJ Great Awful Awful Bad Great Awful DNP DNP
@ MIA Great DNP Good Good Awful Good DNP Good
NE Good DNP Great Bad Good Bad DNP Great
TEN Great DNP Bad DNP Bad Awful DNP Awful

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As you can see, the chart doesn't really tell us much of what we don't already know. Eugene Monroe is far and away the Jaguars best offensive lineman and a franchise left tackle. Uche Nwaneri was good when he was healthy, but played much of the season injured and winding up with offseason surgery. The biggest surprise to me was probably how bad Brad Meester was, but his play has steadily declined the past two seasons.