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Jaguars new logo released

The Jacksonville Jaguars have released a brand new logo for the franchise going forward, as owner Shad Khan has put his first official mark on the franchise since becoming the owner of the team. The new logo is a more modern and realistic look than the previous logo, which has been the team's logo since the inaugural season in the 1995 season.

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Some of you will remember the original original Jaguars logo, which looked a lot like the leaping logo of the car company Jaguar, which led to the franchise redesigning the logo to avoid a legal batter over the likeness. The previous logo had a couple of different variations including a claw swipe and even at times a full bodied Jaguar with the head.

As mentioned, the new logo looks more realistic with some fur spots and looks more like an actual jaguar head, rather than the sharp lines of the previous logo. The ears are more like actual animal ears rather than just a big clunky triangle that is supposed to be an ear. The jaw is more pronounced and the coloring of the jaguar head is more representative of how a jaguar would be colored with the white around the jaw an nose. It also sports some teal eyes to go with the teal tongue and nose. The teal eyes are also less "dead" than the eyes in the previous logo, so they're more than just there like the ears. There's also more actual shading on the golden fur rather than the solid color throughout like the old logo.

There is also an alternate military inspired shield logo, which I think looks exceptionally awesome.


So what do you think?

Here is a side-by-side of the old and the new (h/t kterr):