The First (lady) Coast, Adam. The First (lady) Coast.

Adam thinks it should be a more masculine logo or name change? Hardly. We should embrace the inner beauty of the women in Jacksonville. After all the First Lady is a lady so why shouldnt the sports team of the First Coast also be a lady? I also have a couple of recommendations.

1. The Jacksonville Fallopians



Flat out electric. Could you imagine the fear that this would strike on a helmet? Most guys are terrified around vaginas. They have no idea what to do to them. They would lose to them every time. I'd like to see a Titan match up with a strong Fallopian tube. Superbowl.

2. The Jacksonville Pregnants



Not a chance in the world any other team wants to hit a pregnant team. Not a good look. Cant play as physical with someone who is pregnant let alone 53 someones who are pregnant. Superbowl.

3. The Jacksonville Franks



Cant play football against something this adorable. No way. No how. You line up in your fancy 3-4 defense and boom. Unicorn makes you tear the hell up. Like a creature from fantasy lore, MJD goes in for the score. Superbowl.

So, in conclusion, Adam doesnt know what he is talking about. We are on to something with our little girl Jaguar ear. We just didnt go far enough. Thanks, Obama.

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