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Jaguars to use zone blocking scheme on offense


The Jacksonville Jaguars are on their third offensive coordinator in the past three seasons, but it seems the will be making a more drastic change on offense this season under Jedd Fisch than they have done before. Previously, the Jaguars seemed to use more of an assignment blocking scheme on the offensive line, but under Fisch they'll be installing a zone blocking scheme.

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Fisch worked for a season under Mike Shanahan with the Denver Broncos, who popularized the zone blocking scheme which tends to utilize smaller offensive lineman that are quick, but Fisch told Vito Stellino of The Florida Times-Union that bigger lineman can adjust to the scheme and that the Jaguars' lineman currently can adjust.

"The rules have made it harder to do it as often,'' Fisch told Stellino. "They're going to call more chop blocks. They're going to call more penalties if you're not a disciplined team doing it. If you're doing it legally, then that's fine. And you can't practice it. That's a big issue because you never want to do it to your own players.''

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While some may be concerned the Jaguars don't have the personnel to employ the zone blocking scheme, the good news is that the Jaguars offensive line needs to be virtually completely revamped as is going forward. The Jaguars have good starters in Eugene Monroe and Uche Nwaneri (when healthy), but the other three positions are all up for grabs and could have all new starters in 2013.

The concept shouldn't be entirely new to some of the veteran Jaguars players however, as former offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter at times used some zone blocking concepts in his offense.