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Marcedes Lewis a Jaguars cap casualty? Doubtful

Thomas B. Shea

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren't likely to be big players in NFL free agency in 2013, as general manager David Caldwell has noted that he plans to build through the draft and not free agency, but that doesn't mean teams like the Jaguars will try to clear cap space.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports seems to think that tight end Marcedes Lewis could be a cap casualty:

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Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars ($4.35 million): He has been woefully unproductive since the Jags extended him a few years back. Certainly the poor quarterback play has something to do with it, but with new ownership and a new management team in place, Lewis' future is in doubt.

Lewis signed a five-year, $35 million deal in 2011, but his production has quite lived up to the contract. A lot of that is on Lewis, but a lot of it is due to the fact that he has dealt with poor quarterback play the past two seasons with the Jaguars. Some could argue Lewis is more under utilized than he is over paid, but it's no lie his production hasn't lived up to the salary.

In my opinion, I can't see a scenario where Lewis is released from the Jaguars. They're not in cap trouble this season and they have virtually nothing else at the position behind Lewis. Caldwell has also specifically mentioned Lewis' name over and over when talking about rebuilding the team through it's current core of players.