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Jaguars HC Gus Bradley has toughest coaching job


The Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot to take care of to be a competitive football team, so it's a tough task for new head coach Gus Bradley. Just how tough a task is it?

Well, Alex Marvez of Fox Sports thinks Bradley has the toughest coach job of any of the recent coaching hires:

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Outlook: A prized pupil of legendary general manager Bill Polian, Caldwell comes from Atlanta’s front office. Jaguars fans – there are about seven of you out there worldwide, right? — hope that his pairing with Bradley can duplicate the same success that general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Mike Smith have enjoyed with the Falcons. Like with Caldwell and Bradley, Dimitroff and Smith had never worked together before but subsequently formed a tight bond and enjoyed unprecedented success in the franchise’s 47-year history. Caldwell and Bradley are a big part of the make-over second-year owner Shad Khan has given on the franchise. The Jaguars also introduced a new "cool cat" logo and will play annual games in London to make amends for tepid local support. Khan’s initiatives are encouraging, but Caldwell and Bradley inherit a mess from the previous regime.

Marvez also notes that it's going to be a tough task in trying to get something out of quarterback Blaine Gabbert, as he'll be learning his third offense in just three seasons, as it's the third different offensive coordinator he's had. There's many more challenges than just that, but that's going to be a good one.

Fortunately Gabbert seemed to get down the offense last year quickly and without a problem, but the talent gap on the team overall is the biggest issue for Bradley going forward.