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New Weekly Jaguars Column

Join us for a new weekly Q&A column on BCC. We'll contend for the most original, if not the best, Jaguars column on the web.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wanted to try to stump the writers of BCC? Do you want to flex a little of your knowledge through a witty, yet sharp (hopefully) observation regarding football? Do you think you know owner Shad Khan's actual thoughts?

Well, now you can write in on Twitter or Facebook for a new weekly column feature on BCC. Simply tweet @BigCatCountry with the hashtag #JagsColumn and send us your questions. We'll do our best to inform and entertain all the readers on the site.

You can specify when you write in if there is a certain writer you would like to answer your questions. The whole staff will get in on the goodness, we'll start with about two questions per writer and see how it goes from there.

If you have a witty name for the column, let us know. Whoever comes up with a better name than the writers can be the first question answered. You'll be special. I promise.

Look us up on twitter.

Alfie Crow @AlfieBCC

Adam Stites @AdamBCC

Brandon Clark @BCCBrandon

JPon @JPon