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Derek Cox rumors 2013: Bucs could sign former Jaguars CB

There are rumblings that Derek Cox could be off the market quickly.

Thomas B. Shea

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Derek Cox appears poised to hit the free agent market on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET, but he may not be there for long. There is some belief that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will snap up the Jaguars former third round pick quickly on Tuesday afternoon, as they're in need of cornerback help.

When healthy, Cox has been a solid cornerback for the Jaguars the past three seasons, but the healthy caveat is likely what's going to do him in, as far as the Jaguars bringing him back. Cox has missed 14 games over the past two seasons with various injuries, most of which were lingering soft tissue injuries, and the team isn't sure what kind of financial commitment to make on a player who can't seem to stay healthy.

Cost is also the big thing with Cox, as Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union reported on Action News 360 that Cox and his agent are looking for a contract in the range of $7 to $8 million a year for the 26-year old cornerback. With the Jaguars clearly in a rebuilding mode and not likely in contention for the playoffs, it makes little sense to dish out that kind of money to a player who can't stay on the field.

The Buccaneers have plenty of money to spend in free agency however and are closer to winning now that the Jaguars, needing to shore up their secondary. Tony Oden, the Jaguars former defensive backs coach, is also now on the Buccaneers coaching staff so there is a connection there.

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