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2013 NFL Free Agency: Alan Ball to visit Jaguars, according to his agent

Ball is 6-2, 191 pounds and has experience at both safety and cornerback.


While the Jaguars have continued to trim their roster rather than add to it during the offseason thus far, former-Houston Texans defensive back Alan Ball is visiting the Jaguars on Wednesday, according to his agent, Wynn Silberman.

Ball, 27, was a seventh round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys in the 2007 NFL Draft and played five seasons with the team before leaving to join the Texans. He's played in several different positions in the secondary, including 16 starts at free safety for the Cowboys in 2010 before playing at cornerback with the Texans in 2012, with whom he made one start and 11 game appearances.

At 6-2, 191 pounds, Ball represents the type of lengthy cornerback that Gus Bradley seems to have gravitated toward in his time as a defensive coordinator, as the Seattle Seahawks have two of the tallest starting cornerbacks in the NFL.

In his six year career, Ball has three career interceptions and 21 starts.

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