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Jaguars Are Losing Players During Free Agency

The turnover for the Jaguars roster has begun to become more and more apparent. The question begs to be asked: Who is next?

The Brain Trust keeps changing the Jaguars in order to hopefully create a more hopeful future.
The Brain Trust keeps changing the Jaguars in order to hopefully create a more hopeful future.

With big name players not returning for the 2013 season, the Jaguars really do look to become a different team. Some players won't be returning (Mathis) and some were outright released (Landry, Robinson). These are players that were key players last season. Key players to a 2-14 team.

When you want to change the culture and talent of a team, you need to change the team. It's not always an easy lesson as you see fan-favorites leave the team. Rashean Mathis, for example, is one of my all-timers as far as Jaguars are concerned.

With the recent loss of Laurent Robinson, the Jaguars are indeed confident in their plans of building this team. While Robinson never played well, he was constantly recovering for concussions. I don't personally believe that he ever played near 100% as a Jaguar, just keep that in mind.I urge you-the true fans-to wish him the best in life. Not one, not two, not three...but FOUR concussions later from only one season of work and you don't wonder why players hold out for contracts. Hopefully Laurent gives him body plenty of time to heal-he needs it!

Now, NFL Free Agency is among us. We aren't waiting anymore. The Jaguars, as they mentioned, are being low key players during the early days of Free Agency. Do you know what I did during the "prime hours" of the start of Free Agency? I went to the movies. No big name players will be signed by the Jaguars this Free Agency season. Just relax and enjoy watching a team do things with a sight for the future.

Speaking of future, who could be next? Will there be another big name cut? Tell us what you think in the comments.