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What Does Geno Smith Mean to the Jaguars?

WVU QB Geno Smith at the NFL Combine
WVU QB Geno Smith at the NFL Combine

...."And with the (insert pick)_____ pick the (insert team) _____ select Geno Smith, quarterback, West Virginia "....

Fill in the blanks. Do the Chiefs trade out? Do the Jaguars trade out? Do the Jaguars have a new quarterback? Does Geno even go in the top ten? A month away and the 2013 NFL Draft remains as blurry as ever. Such is the nature of the NFL Draft.

With a huge contingent of Jaguars front office executives having attended Smith's Pro Day, the Jaguars sent signals, but what signals did they send? Do the Jaguars want Geno? Do the Jaguars want another team to understand that to get Geno, you have to draft in the top two? Do the Jaguars now have an in-house policy of over-investigating top players at dire needs?

In any scenario, Smith really comes across as the centerpiece to the entire 2013 Jaguars' draft class--even if he is drafted by another team. The quarterback is the most important position in sports, let alone the NFL and any time a quarterback has Franchise potential you absolutely have to over-investigate the situation. Then, if you decide that the better value for your pick is in trading, rather than drafting, you trade. To be fair the process doesn't fully account for whether or not you believe in your current quarterback. All that matters is value for the pick. Keep in mind, you never want to underestimate the value of a player, that is when GM's get fired. Knowing this, you can see why the Jaguars would send such a large contingent to the WVU Pro Day. Understanding Geno Smith as a football player will continue to be paramount to the 2013 NFL Draft.

At minimum, the Jaguars are doing their due diligence on Smith. Most likely Khan, Caldwell, Bradley and Fisch want to know how well he could improve the franchise over current QB Blaine Gabbert. Then, they'll want to know if a team could supply them with enough picks to allow GM Dave Caldwell more opportunity to gather even more value through the draft. The only scenario that trumps taking a large amount of picks in equal or greater value would be if Caldwell believes Smith to be worth even more than the second overall pick. A top tier QB would be worth more, for example.

A top tier QB changes a franchise forever. Your win column goes from awful to sunny with no chance of rain. Your national perception no longer involves bad public relations as you become the "rising team" and analysts won't understand why someone didn't give you a chance that week. So, is Smith capable of top tier? Gabbert is capable, but at a nearly unacceptable pace. Could Smith outpace Gabbert?

Once you understand the situation, you realize Geno Smith's value. It doesn't matter who the Jaguars draft--it just matters that they get value. To answer the question in the title, Geno means value. Either value in a Franchise-caliber quarterback (beyond value) or value through a gluttonous rampage of draft picks. Just get value.

Again, Value!

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