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Jacksonville Jaguars free agency live blog: Rumors, signings and more

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The fourth day of NFL free agency has come and gone and the Jacksonville Jaguars signed a few more players on Friday. The team picked up running back Justin Forsett, cornerback Alan Ball, and defensive tackle Roy Miller.

There are still some free agents available after the big flurry who fit what the Jacksonville Jaguars will likely be planning to do on defense however, so as the dust settling there are still be good players to sign.

We will be tracking the free agency news throughout the day and you can follow along with our live blog of the events. We'll be keeping track of players the Jaguars show interest in through the day and former Jaguars players who sign elsewhere. We'll also track players the Jaguars could be showing interest in.

Live Blog

12:49 PM: Come to find out, the Jaguars also sent team president Mark Lamping to sit in on the Geno Smith meeting at the West Virginia Pro Day. This seems like a whole lot of effort for simply a smokescreen, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

11:45 AM: Jake Long is apparently still mulling over whether or not to sign with the Dolphins or the Rams. If he signs with the Rams, that would likely start the run on offensive tackles like we saw with corners, but could also push the Dolphins to pursue Eric Winston.

8:08 AM: Not a lot happened yesterday, so we'll just keep on trucking here for Sunday.


12:27 PM: The dominoes haven't fallen yet on the offensive tackle market, as it's likely guys like Andre Smith and Sebastian Vollmer are waiting on Jake Long to sign. Long's contract will affect the Jaguars in more ways than just that however, as it's likely going to be a baseline for attempting to re-sign Eugene Monroe next season.

11:52 AM: The Patriots have re-signed Aqib Talib according to Adam Schefter, taking another veteran corner off the market.

9:32 AM: The bottom has fallen out of the free agent market and that's played right into the Jaguars hands.

8:30 AM: The free agent tight end market isn't very big or busy, but the Buccaneers picked up Tom Crabtree last night. This also means that Brandon Myers is still on the market and I think he'd be an excellent pick up to back up Marcedes Lewis. No word if the Jaguars are interested, however.

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