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NFL Free Agency:Jaguars Pursue Right Tackle, We Discuss Dumervil

The Jaguars don't have depth or a Pro Bowl talent at the right tackle position, but will they?

New England Patriots Free Agent, right tackle Sebastian Vollmer
New England Patriots Free Agent, right tackle Sebastian Vollmer

So far, the Jaguars front office has kept to their word as no big-name free agents have joined the team. In fact, there are no reports of the Jaguars even chasing these big-name free agents, but that doesn't mean they aren't planning on signing anyone. Enter, the right tackle dilemma.

Right now, the free agent market for tackles sits waiting. Waiting on LT Jake Long to choose between the Rams and the Dolphins and once Long makes his choice, the top-tier line for tackles during this free agency period will be set. Then all other tackles will have the green light to start negotiating contracts.

The Jaguars, desperate for a right tackle, will begin to pursue a few of the top candidates at the right tackle position, then attempt to get the best value for price.

The top 3 right tackles in the 2013 Free Agent class are as follows: Sebastian Vollmer (NE, 28 years old), Eric Winston (KC, 29 years old), and Andre Smith (Cin, 26 years old). First up, Sebastian Vollmer--He can play left tackle efficiently enough in a pinch and plays the RT position at a near elite level. Secondly, Eric Winston-- He has experience in the zone-blocking run scheme, a new wrinkle the Jaguars will be adding to their playbook. Lastly, Andre Smith-- A road-grading right tackle that starred at the Univ of AL as a left tackle. The Bengals drafted Smith 6th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft, 2 spots ahead of the Jaguars' own Eugene Monroe. The Jaguars could theoretically have the top LT and top RT from the 2009 Draft.

The closer we get to Long signing a contract, the closer we get to the Jaguars acquiring more talent. It truly is exciting! However, a new wrinkle has appeared in the dress of Free Agency: Elvis Dumervil.

Dumervil, a 17-sack player in the Broncos 3-4 defense back in 2009 sort of accidentally became a Free Agent. Blame it on his agent, but Dumervil essentially went to take a $4 million pay cut on his salary to reduce down to $8 million this season. A paperwork delay later and the Broncos were forced to release Dumervil.

If you're into numbers, Dumervil missed 2010 with an injury but came back for a 9.5-sack season in 2011. In 2012, under Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, Dumervil returned to the 4-3 defense with a strong sack total of 11. Dumervil is a second-tier right end that could quite possibly flourish as a LEO player in the new Jaguars defense. At 29 years old, you have to wonder how many years are left. Dumervil did start all 16 games last season and played effectively, also registering 32 total tackles and 1 pass defensed.

Dumervil is the type of player that could help put a team over the top, but not necessarily the type of player that a team such as the Jaguars, who are building for the future, would place at the top of a list of targeted players. Though, I could always be wrong. Perhaps the Jaguars do chase after Dumervil. Do you want him?