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Jaguars meeting with Geno Smith included Mark Lamping or did it?

The Jaguars team president was included in the hour and a half long meeting with Geno Smith.


The Jacksonville Jaguars sent a large contingent to watch Geno Smith conduct his throwing session at the West Virginia Pro Day last week, which included general manager Dave Caldwell, head coach Gus Bradley, VP Tony Khan, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, and come to find out team president Mark Lamping.

We knew Gus Bradley met with Geno Smith for over an hour and a half at the Pro Day, making Smith late for his media session afterwards, but we weren't aware that Mark Lamping was in on the meeting as well.

From Rob Rang of CBS Sports:

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who hold the No. 2 selection behind Kansas City in the draft, wanted to meet with him. Smith held a long, in-depth session with first-year Jaguars coach Gus Bradley, who was part of a large Jacksonville contingent that included team president Mark Lamping.

Maybe it's something common and maybe it just seems odd because the Jaguars haven't had a "team president" prior to Mark Lamping's hiring last spring, but it appears the Jaguars are doing more than their due diligence on the West Virginia quarterback.

This seems like quite a bit of effort for a smokescreen.

Update, 3/18/13: It appears that Mark Lamping was not at the WVU Pro Day. I had heard both yes and no asking around. It didn't make much sense for Lamping to be there.

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