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New Jaguars uniform rumors: Did the new jersey leak?

It appears the new Jacksonville Jaguars logo might have been leaked earlier than the team had wanted, as Instagram user "sneaker_pimp_simmons" posted a picture of these uniforms. The new uniforms are due to debut sometime in April prior to the NFL Draft and likely before the team's veteran mini-camp, but it looks like they've gotten out before hand if these are indeed the uniforms.

I personally have not seen the new uniform, but I have heard some of the details. I cannot say if this is legit or not, however. The biggest thing that looks off to me is the fact that the Jaguars logo head is facing the wrong direction on the shield logo, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.

The uniform also appears to lack the Nike "flywire" which is a staple on most of the NFL uniforms so far. It's possible that this is a "replica" jersey however and not one of the authentic ones. I don't generally do posts on what people think is the new uniform, because most of the time it's just people doing their own mockups using the Nike system, this one looks pretty legit though.

Update: A Facebook commenter notes that usually, at least with tattoo artists, the face of something will face the heart. That could explain the logo facing the wrong way, if these are legit.

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