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Chasing The Lombardi 03/20/13

And so it begins...

Chasing the Lombardi--The new weekly Q&A from BCC
Chasing the Lombardi--The new weekly Q&A from BCC

Welcome to the first ever 'Chasing The Lombardi'--our new weekly Q&A column on BCC where you get to ask the writers questions about the Jaguars and the NFL in general. Other topics may sneak their way into the discussion but for now, let's talk football.

If you want a question in next week's column, then simply ask under this article or post on twitter with the tag #JagsColumn .

YoungBR2022 on Twitter: How much of the CAP(%) do you think Caldwell has allotted for FA's?

Alfie Crow: I don't think Caldwell has determined a certain percentage of the cap for free agents because he doesn't need to. The Jaguars don't actually have to spend anything in free agency if they don't feel it necessary.

GCSJagsFan on BCC: 1.) Do the Jaguars still hold the 2nd spot for waiver claims in 2013? and 2.) When does claims order reset?

Alfie Crow: I believe the Jaguars hold the 2nd spot for waiver claims until a certain point in the season.

ChrisEastman on Twitter: Jags brass showed interest in Shoelace, what kind of role do you think he would have on a Bradley's team?

Alfie Crow: Personally I think Denard "Shoelace" Robinson is a fit at a kind of running back role, similar to Darren Sproles or maybe what people thought Dexter McCluster would be. He's great in space with the ball in his hand and if he can show he can be a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield, he could be a nice little weapon on offense running the football or catching it.

TheTealDeal on BCC: Everyone has talked about our first and what we could do with our second round pick, but what about our third round? Also, what would be y’all’s ideal draft for our first three draft picks?

Adam Stites: Ideal top three is tough because it's hard to project who's going to be there in the 2nd or 3rd in an ideal scenario without making it unrealistic, but I'll go with:

1) Geno Smith, 2) Tank Carradine, 3) Terron Armstead

YoungBR2022 on Twitter: If Tank and Tavon are there at the top of the second round who do you take?

Adam Stites: I can't imagine that either are available at 33, but if both are, I think I have to go with Tank Carradine. Had he not suffered an ACL tear during the 2012 season, there's reason to believe that he'd be the top defensive player in the draft and that kind of potential would be very hard to pass up in the second round, although I'm a big fan of Tavon as well.

Jags85 on BCC: So with all the homework and time the Jags are spending w/Geno, should we pre-order our #12 Smith Jerseys?

Adam Stites: The answer is definitely maybe.

@JoeyTran303 on Twitter: Do you see the Jags filling the RB depth in Free Agency or through the draft?

Brandon Clark: Most likely the Jaguars front office will want to use both opportunities to fill the training camp roster. If they're able to match need with value in one of the first three rounds, then look for that roster spot to be guaranteed. If they find a guy in free agency or the later rounds, then look for that person to be 'intriguing' but not necessarily someone that's guaranteed a spot.

@Golfer07840 on Twitter: Do you think the Seahawks will come back a bit next yr?

Brandon Clark: I think the Seahawks will develop into a powerhouse, though I don't look for them to create quite the storm they did in 2012. The more you watch football, the more you learn that the "new" power teams rarely become constant power teams. Power meaning the dominant team in the conference, which they were for the end of the season. I look for the Seahawks to be consistent contenders.

@JimWade on Twitter: There are rumors the dolphins might grab Albert from the Chiefs. Does this decrease the chance Chiefs trade down?

Brandon Clark: If the Chiefs are able to trade Albert--and the rumor is that he can be had for a 2--then I think the Chiefs pull a wise move and select an OT first overall. They need to refill on picks but they also need a left tackle. Let me clarify, though, that this is a proportionally wise move. A QB would not at all help the team for Andy Reid's first few years because of how much they invested in Alex Smith. When thinking of what the Chiefs will do in the draft, just remember that Andy Reid loves his big uglies.

@JimWade on Twitter: Dion Jordan works great in space. Wouldn't his talent be slightly wasted playing primarily at LEO? Esp at #2 overall?

Brandon Clark: If you believe that Dion Jordan can translate into the NFL, then no. No player of that caliber becomes a waste if their coaches scheme to their abilities. Bradley and staff seem to be very intent on scheming to the abilities of their players and Jordan could quite possibly redefine the "Leo" role. However, as a defensive lineman, his transition wouldn't be immediate. This could leave him perfect for the Leo, even a few steps ahead of Bruce Irvin.

@StuWhat on Twitter: What are realistic expectations for Steven Jackson in Atlanta this year?

Jpon: I see Jackson as a better option than Michael Turner was at this point, but he is still a 30 year old RB with A LOT of wear on the tires sort to speak. He will have a more favorable environment in Atlanta, with the Falcons passing game being what it is, and having Quizz Rodgers to spell him on 3rd downs, but I think expecting him to be the 30+ carry workhorse he was in St. Louis is unrealistic. What I can envision, is a role similar to what Benjarvis Green-Ellis played in New England. That of a dependable power back in short yardage and red zone situations, who the defense will have to account for when on the field.

@JimWade on Twitter: Only thing I've heard about Jags at WVU Pro day is that teams should jump them. If it's a smokescreen, worst smokescreen ever?

Jpon: Generally speaking, you wouldn't threaten to take a player in order to draw interest in a trade for said player.

FeelTheTeal on BCC: How likely do you think it is that Caldwell takes a QB at #2 overall or at pick #33? If he trades back I’m assuming the probably jumps up.

Jpon: After everything we've seen, from the interest in Geno, to private workouts scheduled for other QB prospects, I cant envision a scenario where the next Jaguars starting QB isn't on the team by the evening of April 26th

Dusty904 on BCC: You guys are already the best. Out of every website out there including NFL network, and even the “official” jags site. You guys have the most up to date info, and great stories, Keep up the Great Work.

Brandon Clark: Yeah I just wanted to put this one on here.

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