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NFL Draft 2013: Star Lotulelei drawing Jaguars interests

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the NFL Combine, Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei was a popular choice for the Jacksonville Jaguars in mock drafts, but once he was flagged for a heart condition and not allowed to work out, his stock plummet in those mock drafts.

Since the combine however, Lotulelei has been checked out and cleared to participate in football activities and is working out at the Utah Pro Day on Wednesday. One of the teams paying close attention to Lotulelei is the Jaguars, partially because they're going to be looking hard for defensive lineman and partially because Lotulelei is another versatile lineman who could fit in the Jaguars new front.

He's a player that can play all three defensive line positions outside of the LEO position and you can move him around depending on the situation. If the Jaguars decided to trade down in the draft or even pass up on Geno Smith with the second overall pick, as long as Lotulelei checks out medically, he could be a player in consideration for the pick.

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