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Jaguars ticket sales off to record start


The Jacksonville Jaguars are still the butt end of lazy blackout jokes by the uninformed, but for the past three seasons the team hasn't had a blackout and posted it's best attendance this past season, despite the team's record. The Jaguars even pulled the tarps off the upper decks for three of their home games, selling over their normal capacity.

Ticket sales don't appear to have slowed down, even with the disappointing season.

"We're also off to a record start on season ticket sales in Jacksonville even though we have raised prices and had a 2-14 season. We expect to have record season ticket sales. It's about engaging the season ticket holders and doing a lot with the gameday experience," Jaguars owner Shad Khan told Forbes. "We redid the locker rooms last year. We're spending more money on the weight room. We're moving forward now with getting the state to upgrade the stadium with a big scoreboard, the biggest in the business. We're getting state and local support on that, which is very encouraging. So I think business side, it's almost a mirror image, regrettably of what happened on the football side."

The team seems to have had new life breathed into it since Khan took over, at least on the business side of things. Hopefully that will spread to the football side with the hiring of Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell.

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