Jaguars Twitter Fan Bracket Revealed!!!

Streeter Lecka

Okay, the Jaguars Twitter Fan (Meaningless) March Madness Bracket has been completed! (Link to the spreadsheet at the bottom of the post)

I seeded everyone based on the complex and ever-shifting criteria in my unorganized brain.

Sorry to those who can't view a spreadsheet because that's where it is right now.

A couple of notes:

  • I thought all the 8-seeds were undervalued. I got down to them & thought, "How haven't these gone in yet?" They may be dark horses.
  • I forgot about myself for a while and ended up a 9-seed.
  • All the 14-seeds have great handles.
  • Some of the last-minute entries I wedged in lower seeds.
  • @JaxFoodCritic took @MethadonePhil's spot
  • I had said "no media members" but @kaitlynross1 asked to get in anyway. I thought it was a power move so you'll see her in a Play-in game.
  • If you want to know more about your seeding, ask me or wait until your game comes up.
  • The next round is on Saturday & Sunday.
  • I'm making this up as I go.

Update: You really don't have to do anything to win or lose. Today's winners will be announced at the times indicated on the bracket. I'll start a "Results" post that will be updated. You can still let me know why you think a player should win, but these games are being played in my head.

Here's the bracket:

Jaguars Fan Bracket - Round 2

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