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Paul Posluszny not expecting Jaguars to hand him starting job


The Jacksonville Jaguars gutted some of the older, more expensive players on their roster before the start of free agency, which led some to wonder if someone like Paul Posluszny would be on the chopping block. Posluszny signed a 6-year, $45 million deal in 2011 and his 2013 $8.5 million cap hit makes him the 8th most expensive linebacker in the NFL.

For someone like Posluszny, who's a "tackle" linebacker, that's a lot of scratch and the releases of guys like Dawan Landry and Aaron Ross wasn't lost on him.

"I'm going to have to earn it, compete and play extremely well on the field, but I feel comfortable they're going to give me the opportunity," Posluszny told John Oehser of

At this point, it's unlikely that Posluszny is not on the roster come opening day, but as head coach Gus Bradley said in the past, it's going to be uncomfortable for a lot of veterans going forward, which Posluszny doesn't seem to mind.

"For the men who can handle it, that will bring out the best in them," Posluszny told Oehser. "We're going to have to compete at the highest level just to maintain our jobs. That should bring out the best in us."

I have no doubt that Posluszny will bring his best every day, be it in training camp, practice, or on Sunday's so it shouldn't have much effect on him.