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Texans rumors: Greg Jones visiting Houston


The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't re-signed many of their own free agents and it looks like they could lose another one on the open market. Fullback Greg Jones is making a free agent visit with the Houston Texans, according to a report by John McClain of The Houston Chronicle.

Jones, a 10-year veteran, was originally a second round draft choice by the Jaguars with the intention of being a combination fullback/running back player in the backfield. Jones filled the role of short yardage back well until another knee injury derailed that train, but he settled in as one of the better lead blocking fullbacks in the NFL.

Jones has helped pave the way for both Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew, but he's also a an asset in pass protection. Jones is coming off a contract that had him as one of the highest paid fullbacks in the league, but it's doubtful the 31-year old back gets paid like that again.

The Texans are looking for a new fullback for the fourth season in a row.