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Jaguars to select Smoke

Dave Caldwell is a certified genius. Tony Khan is a man on a mission to switch things up in the NFL. Are the two leaders of the football brain of the Jaguars going too far?

Harry Engels

My sources tell me that the Jaguars are going to attempt to draft an actual screen of smoke to use as their offensive line. The reason why Meester was kept on the roster is because he is older and snapping the ball while being close to smoke wont matter because he will be old and stuff. Really wild strategy but it just might work. Imagine if you will:

Jaguars line up for a run. Do they throw it? Do they run it? Doesnt matter, there is a smoke screen right there, THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT! Boom, touchdown Blackmon.

Drafting Geno Smith with the 2nd pick and a smoke with the 33rd would make the most sense. Geno has spent years playing around burning couches so he is used to it. Bear in mind though that drafting actual smoke has never been done before according to Elias Sports Bureau.

But, either had the LEO position. Is this a match made in heaven or will drafting smoke set this draft class up in flames? Situation developing.