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NFL Draft 2013: Chiefs 'love' Geno Smith now, apparently


The Jacksonville Jaguars have shown a lot of interest in West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, making many wonder if there is legitimate interest in drafting Smith with the second overall pick or if it's just an elaborate "smokescreen" to try to force a trade up.

For the Jaguars, either could be true and it wouldn't be a surprise. Not everything a team is overt about is a smokescreen, however. The Jaguars haven't done anything at the quarterback position yet, which would lean more towards the interest being legitimate. It's not like they're the Kansas City Chiefs, who have traded multiple picks for a quarterback and given a free agent quarterback a sizable deal for a backup... and then claim they love Geno Smith.

The Chiefs now apparently "love" Geno Smith and have compared him to a "young Donovan McNabb" according to a report by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

To me, this sounds like much more an obvious smokescreen than what the Jaguars are doing, and Chiefs fans seem to agree.

via Arrowhead Pride:

My hunch tells me that last line in the report above is complete BS. Just not true. Everything -- EVERYTHING -- has pointed to Alex Smith as the quarterback of the future. What sources or Chiefs scouts say doesn't matter. All that matters is what the Chiefs do. And what they've done is give up two draft picks for Alex Smith. Remember that press conference where John Dorsey said they're confident Smith would be in KC for years to come? Was he just making that up? Was that not true? I have a hard time believing he made that trade and doesn't believe Smith is here for the long-term.

We'll have no idea who teams really like until draft day, but now we get to deal with "silly season", where everyone loves everyone. Unless they don't. Or they do.

But, this is what a smokescreen looks like.

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