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Safety Not As Important As We Thought

It seems as though the NFL is running a smokescreen of their own this draft season. The NFL brass would have us believe that they care deeply about the safety of all those involved in the game. They are rolling out new rules, new standards of medical practice, and newly designed mouth guards (according to sources). The NFL also put tens of millions of dollars into an account dedicated to retired players. Is all this pandering to the Players Union, whose strength is at all all time high as evidenced by all the one year deals, or does the NFL really care?

Streeter Lecka

The NFL might act like it is concerned about the players but one thing is for certain, the NFL doesnt care about the brains of its logos.

Two new logos have been rolled out this year and not a one can be seen sporting any type of protective equipment. The league went so far as forcing the Miami Dolphins to force their logo to remove its helmet. Just absolutely outrageous. Everyone knows that a Dolphins main form of attack and self defense is ramming its opponent with its face and head. Isnt this the very thing that the new rule was designed to prevent? Talk about speaking from both sides of your mouth, NFL. So the logos can do whatever the hell they want but if my boy MJD knocks some sucka in the mouth with the crown of his helmet that is a flag? No Sir-ee. Not on my watch.

Bears need helmets.

Lions need helmets.

Jaguars need helmet.

Browns dont need helmets because thats a color and weird.

Rams dont need helmets because of horns. (adorable)

Buccaneers need helmets.

Panthers need helmets.

Jets dont need helmets because of guns. (not the right message either)

Patriots need helmets. They are people!

Steelers dont need helmets because steel is super hard. (Science tip)

Chargers dont need helmets because electricity is powerful.

Im pretty sure that is all of the teams. Im not sure, though. My memory is bad because I didnt wear a helmet. /drops mic

Touchdown Blackmon.