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New Jaguars uniform might be revealed on April 23

The Jaguars previously announced a new logo on Feb. 5.

Mike Lawrie

While the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings will release their new uniforms on draft day, the Jaguars are likely to do it a little before that date, as Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union said on Friday that the team will most likely release the uniforms on Tuesday, April 23.

Earlier in the offseason the Jaguars released a new logo that managed to stay under wraps all the way until its reveal on Feb. 5; however, the new uniform may have been partially leaked recently. Also set to be released in April will be helmets with the new logo, as they have not yet been revealed despite the logo being announced.

The Jaguars previously unveiled new uniforms in April 2009, but after the team was sold by Wayne Weaver to Shad Khan, the uniforms switched from teal to black in the 2012 regular season and will feature a complete re-design once again.