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2013 NFL Draft: Jaguars interest in Geno Smith could be 'careful ruse,' according to report

While a source told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports that the Jaguars are intrigued with Geno Smith, he thinks it could be a "careful rouse."

Streeter Lecka

While it's definitely not an earth-shattering development, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports said in a post on Friday that a Jaguars source told him that the team is "intrigued" by West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith; however, it could be a "careful ruse" to generate trade interest, according to Cole.

Jacksonville attended Smith's pro day workout and a team source indicated the club is intrigued by Smith even though the Jaguars selected Blaine Gabbert with their first-round pick in 2011. Whether that's a careful rouse to also get some team to trade up with the Jaguars remains to be seen.

Logically, if a team pining for Smith was convinced that the Jaguars were the team prepared to take the West Virginia passer with the second-overall selection, the necessary move would be a trade for the top pick with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, an alternative way of thinking about it is that the Jaguars' interest in Smith could drum up interest among other teams and make them up their value of the quarterback considering the fact that a top team is considering him.

By simply showing interest, the objective of the "careful rouse" could be to further convince a team like the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills or Arizona Cardinals that Smith is worth a top two pick. Then when the Jaguars look to trade down, the option to go get Smith would be a logical one for those teams.

Of course, the other scenario would obviously be that the Jaguars are legitimately interested in Smith and could be seriously interested in looking to upgrade the most important position on the field.