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Chasing The Lombardi 03/31/2013, 'Easter Edition'

Welcome to the Easter Edition of the weekly Q&A here at BCC, where we discuss football, Jaguars, and most importantly-- the 2013 NFL Draft.

Chasing The Lombardi, the weekly Q&A with the writers of BCC.
Chasing The Lombardi, the weekly Q&A with the writers of BCC.

To start us off, a quote from Vince Lombardi himself:

Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.

-Vince Lombardi

I think that sets the mood. On to the questions!

Dark_Passenger on BCC: How do you see the scenario playing out if the Jags do draft Joeckel or Fisher, short term and long term? P.S. – I think the title is just fine. Good work with this whole idea.

Adam Stites: If the Jaguars were to draft Joeckel or Fisher, the rookie would have to play right tackle while Eugene Monroe stayed at left tackle. If Monroe were to be moved to right tackle you can kiss him goodbye in free agency next year because there's no way he'd sign on for that. So do you take a right tackle at #2? No, definitely not. Neither Joeckel nor Fisher are options for the Jaguars and will not be picked by the team; I guarantee it.

Jags85 on BCC: If someone either jumps us for Geno or Caldwell doesn't view Geno as a “Franchise” QB who do you think Jax takes with the #2 pick? Dion Jordan is sounding more and more intriguing and with his versatility he can do so many things, especially in Gus’ defense. Has Caldwell tipped his hat towards a “runner up” to Geno with the #2 pick?

Adam Stites: I don't think Caldwell has tipped his hand at all, but I think you have the right idea with Dion Jordan. A versatile player with a ton of upside is the perfect building block for a team that is going to take more than one offseason to rebuild. If the Jaguars don't want Geno though, I'd like to think there would be a trade market among teams trying to hop the Raiders.

FeelTheTeal on BCC: While there has been a lot talk about the new defensive scheme since Bradley got hired, no one has really talked about what the offense will look like. What are your expectations for the offensive scheme next season?

Adam Stites: It's easier to talk about the defensive scheme because the Jaguars are going to look for players to fit it, whereas the offense will be built around whatever players are brought in. Until we know what the quarterback situation looks like and who emerges at the position along with other pieces on the offense, I think it's tough to say. In an ideal scenario, I think Jedd Fisch would want a vertical passing game that's balanced with a running game that opens up play action.

Jags85 on BCC: If the Jags dont draft Geno for one reason or another who would You say is the best bet that we’d take?

Alfie Crow: It really all depends who is available in the second or third round. The quarterbacks I think are "fits" on the Jaguars and Jedd Fisch are Zac Dysert, Ryan Nassib, E.J. Manuel, Matt Scott, and Ryan Griffin. If you're asking who they would take at 2 over Geno, I would think Dion Jordan is the best bet.

CCHemi01 on BCC: A lot was made on this site about signing a solid albeit bargain RT in FA rather than drafting one. So far, the only tackle the jags have been linked to in FA resigned in Washington. At this point where do you think the jags find there opening day starting RT?

Alfie Crow: In the mid-rounds of the draft or in free agency after the draft. There should be a handful of ZBS right tackles to be had in the 3rd or 4th round.

Jags85 on BCC: Could you see the Jags pulling a Redskins-type draft drafting 2 QBs (Geno and Dysert/Scott) or even trading for Flynn and then drafting one (Geno/Dysert/Scott)?

Alfie Crow: Doubtful. I would bet on the team signing one or two undrafted quarterbacks however.

CCHemi01 on BCC: How might scheme be affected by the drafting of geno smith? At WV he played in the air raid system and put up gaudy passing stats but at the combine he showed he’s perhaps the fastest and most athletic qb in the draft. Could he be used effectively in a pistol offensive system or is he better suited as a traditional under center/pocket passer.

Jpon: In my opinion, Geno can fit into any system, which is a big part of why he's the highest rated QB in this draft. Yeah, he's made a point to show he's a pocket passer, but as you referenced, if needed he has the ability to get away from pressure as well. Here's something else regarding Smith and his possible relation to the Jags, lots of folks think Russell Wilson was a run all over the place QB, but really he is a pocket passer with out of pocket ability. I believe Geno is a lot more like Wilson than most believe, and we know who was with Wilson through his explosive season last year.

@JMills1185 on Twitter: What's the Over/Under Henne is still on the roster come time Final Cuts are released?

Jpon: His realtor should probably have their phone ready.

@JimWade on Twitter: The majority of NFL QB starters were taken in the first round. Why endorse spending a pick on a later round QB? Scott = Wilson

Jpon: I agree, your odds of scoring the franchise quarterback increase when you take them in the first round. that being said, the one thing this draft does have is some pretty good depth after the first couple rounds at the quarterback position. so if they want to address the defensive end or corner or even offensive tackle and get a quarterback they can try to mold into what they want later on in the mid rounds, like a Matt Scott, they can do that with a better chance at success this year than in most other drafts.

@AJK104 on Twitter: Hey #JagsColumn what happened to Gene Smith? If this were a GRRM world, I'd assume dead.

Brandon Clark: I love a good George RR Martin (Game Of Thrones' author) reference. I do think that Smith would be a cast-out amongst any of the families. The Lannisters, no doubt, would have already done something terrible in a dramatic fashion. I like to think the Starks would have given him away to the Tully family to be a Maester--though not a grand one.

In reality, Smith has taken up status in an underground bunker and currently posts on BCC under the name ChapsMcNealy, perhaps you've heard of him.

@JimWade on Twitter: If we take (Dion) Jordan and Geno (Smith) goes to the Raiders and becomes great, will Caldwell resign?

Brandon Clark: I'll answer your question with another question. If we take Dion Jordan and he becomes the next Reggie White while Geno Smith becomes the next Derek Anderson then will David Caldwell get an extension?

@JMills1185 on Twitter: What does a guy like Tavon Austin (WR, WVU) bring to a team?

Brandon Clark: In short, he brings explosiveness. Austin has that rare ability to make a safety take a few extra steps backwards before the play starts. The mere presence of Austin could open up other options for the team. In regards to a team such as the 49ers, they would then present threats at every skill position. The team immediately becomes a nightmare for defensive coordinators. For a team such as the Jaguars, Austin would represent a new type of explosive and help build what could be a great offense. If nothing else, you draft Austin so that another team does not force you to defend him.

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