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NFL Free Agency 2013: Brad Meester, Jaguars discussing future

Brad Meester has been the Jaguars starting center since the 2001 season.

J. Meric

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be deciding if they wish to continue going forward with some of the teams impending free agents or if they'd rather just move along with youth in their place. One of the veterans they could decide to keep for one more season is center Brad Meester, who's contract expired and is now set for free agency.

Meester, 35, has been with the Jaguars since the 2000 season and has been a starter since he was a rookie. Originally starting at guard, Meester took over as the team's starting center in 2001 and has been a cornerstone on the offensive line since.

Meester hasn't missed a game the past four seasons, but his play has begun to taper off as he got older. The Jaguars are moving to more of a zone blocking scheme going forward, which might actually play into extending Meester's career another season or two.

According to Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars and Meester continue to have discussions on if he will return to the team. If Meester is brought back, it will likely be on a one-year, veteran minimum type of contract until the Jaguars can find a suitable replacement at the center position.