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NFL Cuts 2013: Jeremy Mincey's Jaguars future an interesting one

Jeremy Mincey signed a four-year, $20 million deal with $9 million guaranteed last season.

Sam Greenwood

With the Jacksonville Jaguars going through a rebuilding process under new general manager Dave Caldwell, there are going to be some position groups that go through a complete overhaul and the front office has stressed that competition will be big going forward. They've also insinuated that no one is necessarily safe on the roster.

Looking at the new defensive scheme that the team will be looking to build towards, there are a couple of players who are solid on the field, but don't necessarily fit. One of those players is defensive end Jeremy Mincey, who the team re-signed last offseason. Mincey's future could be up in the air going forward.

"An interesting story moving forward could be Jeremy Mincey's future," Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union writes. "He has a $3.55 million cap hit this year but if cut, would cost $6 million in dead money."

Mincey is coming off a disappointing season with just three sacks, following up his eight sack season in 2012, but he's certainly not a bad football player, but appears to be one who just doesn't seem to fit in the new defensive scheme.

Head coach Gus Bradley has preached looking at the current roster and building something around what's available, but I wouldn't be surprised if something happened with the 29-year old defensive end. I'm not sure the Jaguars will outright cut him, though they could eat the dead money hit if they wanted to, but it's possible they could shop Mincey to other teams.

Again, this is all speculation, but it's possible a team like Chicago, Atlanta, or even Detroit could offer up a mid-to-late round pick for the 4-3 defensive end during the draft. Ultimately however, I think Mincey stays on the Jaguars roster for the 2013 season, but it's interesting to think about.