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Who the Jaguars Should Take in the 1st and 2nd Rounds

The draft is right around the corner!


It's been a long day thus far. Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and support during this transition. Once I have a chance to settle in, I will post my full first mock draft shortly.

But in the meanwhile, I wanted to take the opportunity to at least give you a sense on my thoughts on who I believe the Jaguars should take in the first and second round. Let me know your thoughts and even feel free to post your own mock draft in the Fan Post section.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars
Bjoern Werner, FSU DE 6'3 266 Jr.

The second overall pick is usually easy to gauge. But in this draft year, the talent is a bit lackluster. I read through the other mock drafts and no other player stands out to me. I've never really heard of Star Lotulelei nor have I had a chance to watch any video on Luke Joeckel. But, as a fan of Florida State, I have watched a lot of Bjoern Werner. Werner has that skill set that the Jaguars desire. He has the "it" factor when playing at DE. It's easy to see why the Jaguars would immediately fall in love with this kind of guy. I think FSU played a 4-3 defense this last fall, but I doubt that will be much of an impact because I imagine that the switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense wouldn't be an issue for a skilled player like Werner.

33. Jacksonville Jaguars
Geno Smith, West Virginia QB 6'3 218 Sr.

I wouldn't be too surprised if Geno Smith falls this far. My thought is that Matt Barkley will probably be picked by the Buffalo Bills, so it makes sense that Smith would fall into the second round. Now, I realize that I wrote earlier that Gabbert should be given another chance, but the Jaguars let Russell Wilson get by them three times last draft. On the third time, they drafted a punter. I doubt the Jaguars scouting staff, who are mostly holdovers from the Gene Smith days, will allow the same thing to happen twice. I see the excitement that much of the fanbase has for Geno, so since everyone likes this guy, so do I.