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2013 NFL Draft Profile: Datone Jones

Prospect profile on UCLA DE Datone Jones.

Jeff Gross

Jones is a player who opened a lot of eyes at the Senior Bowl, as he showed a lot of impressive pass rush talent for a DE of his size, he even gave consensus top 7 pick OT Eric Fisher trouble several times, even more impressive was the fact that Fisher dominated almost all other competition. He showed fiery tenacity, competitiveness, and impressed all week with his blend of power and quickness.

Height 6'4" Weight 283 LBS
Class Senior

Projection Mid-Late 1st

When rushing the passer from the interior of the Defensive Line, Jones does a good job of quickly collapsing the pocket by coming off the snap quickly, firing off with a low pad level and then giving a powerful punch to lineman, forcing them off balance. He utilizes an impressive bull rush, and has special ability to mix speed and power. He also showed flashes of violent hands and a powerful leg drive that enabled force lineman backwards toward the QB, though his hand usage does need to become more consistent.

He flashes a few different pass rush moves, such as a good spin move, and an effective club with his occasionally violent hands, and he was able to stunt efficiently. He has good closing speed, and when he wasn't able to finish the sack he was still able to lay a punishing hit on the quarterback. He rushed from several different interior spots, including the 0, and 3 Techniques, and his versatility is a big plus. Overall, he proved to be a terror as a interior rusher, showing a good mix of power and speed, and consistently collapsed the pocket.

When rushing the passer from the edge, which he was rarely asked to do in UCLA's 3-4 defense, he had some impressive flashes but was inconsistent overall. He didn't show the ability to consistently bend the edge, and did not show the explosion coming off the edge that he did in the interior. He did a good job getting into frame of OT's and forcing them off balance at times, but ultimately His skill set is definitely best set for an interior rusher, not as an edge one.

Jones isn't just a pass rusher though, as he showed good ability defending the run. He correctly reads and reacts to the run plays and is capable of making tackles in space, and he also shows good pursuit of ball carriers, but there were times where he would penetrate the gap without much awareness and he would miss out on the Running Back in the backfield.

When he keeps his pad level low he is capable of holding his ground, as he possess the strength to anchor the edge, but there were times where he would stand up out of his stance and would be able to be pushed around. His quickness still flashes though, as he was able to fire off the ball at times and quickly disrupt the play in the backfield, but his get off was too inconstant, and is something he will need to improve on.