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2013 NFL Mock Draft: This time with trades

Mock drafts with trades offer a new perspective as mocks can get stale quickly.


The first round of the NFL Draft always has trades and the 2013 Draft will be no different. However, they are so difficult to predict that trying to do so almost automatically makes a mock draft an inaccurate one. That said, it's really fun to do and offers a new perspective as mock drafts can get stale quickly.

This will be my one and only mock draft of the year with trades involved, so it wouldn't really feel right if I just left the Jaguars to pick with the second selection and not entertain the idea of a trade of the second pick. So did I force a trade for the Jaguars for the sake of forcing a trade? Yeah, kinda.

So, here we go:

Pick Player Position Height Weight Class
1. Kansas City Chiefs
Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M OT 6-6 306 Jr.

This seems like the favorite pick for the Chiefs; although, it's not one I would make with Branden Albert on the roster. Regardless, it would appear to be the direction they are leaning with the first overall selection.

TRADE: Jaguars give 1st round pick (2); Dolphins give 1st round (12), 2nd round (42), 4th round (111) picks & 2014 1st round pick.
2. Miami Dolphins
Eric Fisher, Central Michigan OT 6-7 306 Sr.

The Dolphins have already dished out $70 million in guaranteed money this offseason and have certainly made the appearance that they are in the business of winning games right now. To do so, they're going to need to replace Jake Long and protect their 2012 first round pick, Ryan Tannehill. They are a team with the ammunition to be as aggressive in the draft as they have been in the rest of the offseason to fill that offensive line void.

3. Oakland Raiders
Star Lotulelei, Utah DT 6-3 311 Sr.

Now that he's completely cleared medically, there's no reason why Lotulelei shouldn't be a top five selection. A versatile lineman, he can be an immediate fixture on a defensive line that will look very different in 2013.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Geno Smith, West Virginia QB 6-2 218 Sr.

Michael Vick is turning 33 soon and Nick Foles isn't exactly the prototypical quarterback to run Chip Kelly's offense. Geno Smith would fit the role better and allow the new-look Eagles offense to start fresh.

5. Detroit Lions
Ezekiel Ansah, BYU
DE 6-5 271 Sr.

The Lions were pretty bad at the defensive end position in 2012 and it got a little worse with the loss of Cliff Avril in free agency. In the Lions defense, Ansah will have the freedom to play a little more undisciplined than most other defenses would allow, as the Detroit defense thrives on havoc more than gap control. That should make for an easier transition for Ansah, who could reach his high ceiling quicker.

TRADE: Browns give 1st round pick (6); Chargers give 1st round (11), 3rd round (76) picks & 2014 2nd round pick.
6. San Diego Chargers
Lane Johnson, Oklahoma OT 6-6 303 Sr.

The Chargers need a left tackle and with both Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher off the board early, the drop-off after Lane Johnson will be a significant one. Getting in front of the Cardinals is the only way to secure that they get him.

7. Arizona Cardinals
Dion Jordan, Oregon OLB 6-6 248 Sr.

With all three of the top offensive tackles in the draft class off the board, the Cardinals will have to settle with the first pass rusher off the board, which really isn't settling for a defense that hasn't been able to find much of a pass rush from the outside linebacker position.

TRADE: Bills give 1st round pick (8); Browns give 1st round (11), 3rd round (68) picks.
8. Cleveland Browns
Dee Milliner, Alabama CB 6-0 201 Jr.

While the Browns moved down just two picks earlier, they are able to transfer that trade in to value that can be used to move back up and grab the top cornerback in the draft class. Opposite Joe Haden, the new-look Cleveland defense will be a very tough one to pass against.

9. New York Jets
Barkevious Mingo, LSU OLB 6-4 241 Jr.

The Jets are a tough team to figure, but they have a need at outside linebacker and Barkevious Mingo is the type of player that can add to their ability to rush the passer.

10. Tennessee Titans
Chance Warmack, Alabama OG 6-2 317 Sr.

Chance Warmack is considered by some to be the top player in the draft class, albeit at a position that isn't taken at the top. Without many dire needs that will force the Titans' hand, Warmack can help the team right away.

Team Player Position Height Weight Class
TRADE: Bills give 1st round pick (11); Cowboys give 1st round (18), 3rd round (80) picks.
11. Dallas Cowboys
Sharrif Floyd, Florida DT 6-3 297 Jr.

With a switch to a 4-3 defense, what the Cowboys defense needs more than anything is a 3-technique defensive tackle that can get to the quarterback. The best one in the draft slipped out of the top 10 and the Cowboys can't afford to let him go any further. A 3rd round selection isn't a large cost to move up and secure Floyd before the Jaguars do.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars
Xavier Rhodes, Florida State CB 6-2 217 Jr.

After moving down, the Jaguars take the type of lengthy, tall cornerback that has thrived in Gus Bradley's style of defense. At the second selection, it would be a stretch for the Jaguars to take a cornerback, but at 12 it's a comfortable value that provides the team with a starter at a position of need.

TRADE: Buccaneers give 1st round pick (13); Jets give cornerback Darrelle Revis
13. New York Jets
Desmond Trufant, Washington CB 6-0 190 Sr.

It may seem like a waste for the Jets to trade away an All-Pro cornerback for the right to take a rookie cornerback, but they get one that's five years younger, isn't coming off a knee injury and isn't due to count $9 million against the cap as the team looks to rebuild a roster that has some cap issues.

14. Carolina Panthers
Sheldon Richardson, Missouri DT 6-3
294 Jr.

It seems as though the Panthers have needed a solution at defensive tackle for the last five drafts, so a player as good as Sheldon Richardson at 14 just seems like a dream come true.

TRADE: Saints give 1st round (15), 6th round (183) picks; Vikings give 1st round (23), 3rd round (83), 4th round (120) picks.
15. Minnesota Vikings
Tavon Austin, West Virginia WR 5-9 174 Sr.

The Saints have a lot of needs on their defense and a trade down to pick up some more selections makes sense for them. Tavon Austin makes for the perfect trade bait, as the 16th selection is a logical landing spot. The Vikings get to replace Percy Harvin with another dynamic playmaker without giving up their other first round selection to acquire him.

16. St. Louis Rams
Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina OG 6-2 311 Sr.

With Austin off the board, the Rams have to settle for Cooper who could have an even higher ceiling than Jonathan Cooper. The Rams have been terrible on the interior of their offensive line and Cooper offers an instant starter.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Kenny Vaccaro, Texas
S 6-1 215 Sr.

The Steelers are a team that has done a good job of continuously plugging young talent in through the draft. While a wide receiver to replace Mike Wallace would make sense, it would seem more Steelers-like to target a highly-rated defensive player that can immediately contribute.

18. Buffalo Bills
Ryan Nassib, Syracuse QB 6-2 227 Sr.

Some have suggested the Bills could take Nassib in the top 10. At 18, there's much more value gained and Doug Marrone is reunited with the quarterback he coached at Syracuse before accepting the head coaching job with the Bills.

19. New York Giants
Cornellius Carradine, FSU DE 6'4
276 Sr.

Tank Carradine has a ton of potential and is a great fit as a 4-3 defensive end for the Giants. Taking an inexperienced player with risk worked out for them in the past when they selected Jason Pierre-Paul in the first round.

TRADE: Bears give 1st round pick (20); 49ers give 1st round (31), 2nd round (61) picks.
20. San Francisco 49ers
Jonathan Cyprien, Florida International S 6-0 210 Sr.

The 49ers have a very good roster and haven't been able to find much playing time for younger players. With plenty of ammunition in the early rounds, it makes sense for the 49ers to package them to target good players early and Jonathan Cyprien is the type of player that won't fall to 31. He can immediately fill in for Dashon Goldson and has the athleticism to be as good as any strong safety in the NFL.

Team Player Position Height Weight Class
21. Cincinnati Bengals
D.J. Fluker, Alabama OT 6-5 339 Jr.

It seems more and more like the Bengals are going to move on without Andre Smith at right tackle. With that in mind, Fluker provides an instant filler at the spot.

22. St. Louis Rams
DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson WR 6-1 214 Jr.

While the Rams missed out on Tavon Austin falling to 16, DeAndre Hopkins is a very respectable replacement and is considered by some to be the best receiver in the draft class. With the departure of Danny Amendola, Hopkins can fill in for a St. Louis offense that needs more weapons.

23. New Orleans Saints
Menelik Watson, Florida State
OT 6-5 310 Jr.

The Saints need a replacement for Jermon Bushrod, but couldn't afford to move all the way up to the top six to get one of the top three left tackles. After moving down, they get the next one off the board at a better value and Watson has the potential to be as good as any in the class.

24. Indianapolis Colts
Datone Jones, UCLA
DE 6-4 283 Sr.

Transitioning to a new defensive scheme takes more than one offseason to finish doing and the Colts really didn't see a whole lot of improvement in their first season on defense. Jones is a solid piece to build around and can provide a boost to the team's run and pass defense.

25. Minnesota Vikings
Johnathan Hankins, Ohio State DT 6-3 320 Sr.

Hankins has been miscast as a player that serves only as a 1-technique run stopper, but in the Vikings defense he can be a versatile player that could also help as a pass rusher as well.

26. Green Bay Packers
Sylvester Williams, North Carolina DE 6-3 313 Sr.

The Packers need help along their defensive line and although B.J. Raji looks like a stronger fit at defensive end than defensive tackle, the Packers still allowed 4.5 yards per carry and need to continue to add big bodies up front.

27. Houston Texans
Keenan Allen, California WR 6-2 206 Jr.

The Texans receiving corps are depleted and Andre Johnson will turn 32 in July. At pick 27, the Texans aren't going to find the second coming to Johnson, but they can take a player who has a great combination of size, speed and production. If Allen can work through his injury issues, he could be the best receiver of the draft class.

28. Denver Broncos
Bjoern Werner, Florida State
DE 6-3 266 Jr.

After a fax machine snafu, the Broncos have a sudden need at defensive end, but get an instant starter on the defensive line with Bjoern Werner. His lack of the elite ceiling that Ansah and Carradine cause him to fall, but allows for a solid value for the Broncos.

29. New England Patriots
Cordarrelle Patterson WR 6-2 216 Jr.

After losing Wes Welker, the Patriots signed Danny Amendola and took a surprising swing at restricted free agent Emmanuel Sanders, making it clear that they are interested in boosting their receiving corps. Patterson is unrefined, but he has more athleticism and potential than any of them.

TRADE: Falcons give 1st round (30), 6th round (198) picks; Jets give 2nd round (39), 3rd round (72) picks.
30. New York Jets
Tyler Wilson, Arkansas QB 6-2 218 Sr.

The Jets need a quarterback to compete with the list of meh quarterbacks on their roster. Trading up to take Wilson before the Jaguars or Cardinals do is a necessary move.

31. Chicago Bears
Arthur Brown, Kansas State
LB 6-0 241 Sr.

After trading down, the Bears get a tremendous value with Arthur Brown, who definitely could've been their selection with the 20th pick. Brown could be the first linebacker off the board and is a suitable starter for a defense that is in for some transition.

32. Baltimore Ravens
Kevin Minter, LSU LB 6-0 246 Jr.

As the Bears defense needed Arthur Brown for their defense in tradition, the Ravens need Kevin Minter for the same reason. Dannell Ellerbe was the heir apparent for Ray Lewis, but after he left to join the Dolphins in free agency, Minter will instead be a player that fills that void.