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2013 NFL schedule release delayed: Jaguars dates on hold


The Jacksonville Jaguars will have to wait a bit before they know their schedule for the 2013 season, as the NFL has delayed it's release. Originally the schedule was due to be released on Tuesday afternoon, but for whatever reason it has been pushed back, likely just to keep the NFL in the news cycle.

"The schedule will be released as soon as we have one; we don't have one yet," NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello said in a public statement.

The Jaguars do know one date on the schedule however, as they will be playing the San Francisco 49ers in London on October 27th and the bye week will fall after that game, which would be Week 9 of the season.

That at least means the Jaguars get their bye week about the mid-point of the NFL season, which is typically ideal for most teams. It gives your players a nice break half way through the season to recharge.

There has been no other update on when the 2013 schedule should be expected to be released.