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Jaguars mini-camp: Gus Bradley will set the tempo

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will begin a three-day veteran mini-camp on Tuesday, which initiates Phase Two of the 2013 NFL offseason. The team has been in Phase One for the past few weeks, which consists of strength and conditioning, as well has rehabbing injuries at the team facility.

During Phase Two of the offseason, the team can go out on to the practice field with the new coaching staff and get to work, but it will be more about setting the tempo for the players and getting a feel for how Gus Bradley will be running his football team.

"When I had a team meeting [earlier this month], I said, ‘Hey, we play hard, we play fast, we play together,' " Bradley told reporters during a staff meeting. "Those are the things we can control and we're going to demonstrate that in this minicamp."

There isn't much the team can actually do during the three-day mini-camp, so it's going to be mostly about teaching the team's core philosophies and what they expect from the players within the new schemes on offense and defense.

"We want to work to become great technicians," Bradley told reporters. "There will be a heavy, heavy emphasis on that and our communication and our language."

Note: It appears as though the team should be entering Phase Two of the offseason program, but Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee noted on Twitter to me they will have helmets and he thinks they are still in Phase One because they have a new coaching staff. From what I've read of the CBA and according to what Ryan O'Halloran wrote in the Florida Times-Union, it sounds as though this is Phase Two, however.