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Jaguars mini-camp: Team will have 18 try-out players

Christian Petersen

The Jacksonville Jaguars have just 54 players on their roster under contract, but can host some players on a try-out basis during the team's three-day mini-camp starting on Tuesday. The team has announced the players who will be participating, including a couple of players with in-game experience.

The list of players is as follows (via Ryan O'Halloran on Twitter):

  • DT Ryan Baker
  • S Chris Banjo
  • OT Patrick Brown
  • TE DeMarco Cosby
  • CB Kennard Cox
  • DE Pannel Egboh
  • LB Stephen Franklin
  • C Dan Gerberry
  • LB D.J. Holt
  • C Tyler Horn
  • WR Jaymar Johnson
  • LB Jameson Konz
  • OT James Lee
  • S Sabby Piscitelli
  • DE Jerome Raymond
  • WR Owen Spencer
  • TE Nick Tow-Arnett
  • S Matt Ware
A few of the names on the list might sound familiar, such as Kennard Cox and Sabby Piscitelli, but Matt Ware actually has the most experience of the group, playing in 95 games. Cox played in two games for the Jaguars back in the 2008 NFL season and Stephen Franklin played for the Jaguars in 2011.