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The Jaguars and QB--Momentum Builds

The pieces are falling in place for the Jaguars to take a QB, though it's not a certainty.

Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, a viable option most likely to be found in the second round.
Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, a viable option most likely to be found in the second round.

Previously associated strongly with the possibility of drafting a quarterback, momentum builds for the Jaguars to actually take a quarterback. Momentum Builds. That's my theme of this offseason.

In the first round, there seems to be two popular options: Geno Smith and Matt Barkley. Then, in the second round, the Jaguars get the option of drafting other signal callers, such as: Tyler Bray, Ryan Nassib, Tyler Wilson and Landry Jones.

I know I've been responsible for generating plenty of chatter about the Jaguars and the hopeful addressing of the quarterback position this offseason. I still feel as though the position both can and will be addressed during this offseason, as it needs to be. I've never believed in current starter Blaine Gabbert as a top-20 starter in this league, though I will never doubt his effort or toughness.

I think West Virginia's Geno Smith will be a top-12 quarterback in this league as a rookie starter. I see that as obvious and think that the Jaguars will choose him second overall in the upcoming NFL Draft. I realize this is no certainty, but I do think it will happen.

Looking at all the fanbases across the NFL, we can all see that football education amongst fans sits at a premium. We're spoiled rotten with info. We know players from schools in Div III. We wouldn't have known this 10 years ago, the info just wasn't there.

This blog, for example, does an amazing job pushing out information. Alfie, Adam and Jpon are more than willing to "debate" in the comments and that's what I love the most--the conversations. So, let's start it.

What if the Jaguars wait until the mid-rounds to take a quarterback? Let's discuss.

We would face a situation where Blaine Gabbert essentially faces no immediate competition for the starting job. He would get a fresh chance (again) to at least show proof that he possesses the ability to sustain a good game. This really isn't asking too much of anyone. At the end of the season, the Jaguars would know for sure what they have.

However, the Jaguars (to some, including me) already know what they have in Gabbert and know they need to hit restart at the position. The Jaguars would waste a rare opportunity to draft an elite QB at the top of the draft, at least we hope it's a rare opportunity to draft in the top 2. The Jaguars would receive an elite player at some position but it would lack the impact that a QB could have on the team's games.

Assuming the Jaguars hit in the first two rounds on non-QB positions, then this draft could have a huge impact on the franchise for 4-8 years. The defense would have certain holes fixed and the fans may finally get to watch someone sack the opposing teams QB.... BUT the QB position would not be fixed.

It's unfortunate the situation the Jaguars are in. They have no QB and they have to get one. If you don't have a star QB, then you will constantly look for one. If you get star defensive players without a QB, then you are still searching. The star QB doesn't need star players around him.

My point is that you need the QB, it doesn't matter if a great defensive player is available. You have to get the QB. So, if the Jaguars decide to not chase the QB, then they will later.

Obviously, a QB is not a guarantee. What would you do? What do you think the team will do?