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Jaguars mini-camp: Gus Bradley preaches competition on first day

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

A big focus for new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is creating an environment for competition, something he no doubt learned from Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. On the first day of veteran mini-camp, Bradley preached that the team wanted to compete in everything they did, even in the simplest of drills.

"We try to compete in every drill. There are limitations for us on how we do it just so our footwork drills, our agility drills, everything we do we want high tempo, high competition," Bradley told reporters after practice on Tuesday. "That’s a key factor of our team getting better is, even with the number of guys we have out here, to find a way to compete and they did. I was very pleased with our effort. We busted them today as you could see, especially that last period. They did a great job handling it."

During the mini-camps the team is really limited as to what they can actually do on the practice field, but by making even the smallest and most mundane tasks a fierce competition, it should create an environment to bring out the best in the players.

That's exactly what the Jaguars need right now, especially on a team that is struggling with talent.

"That’s the one I can’t answer to you right now. We’ve got to see that," Bradley said when asked if his team had enough talent. "We’ll get a chance to strain them some more in practice and put them in different situations. As you know cream comes to the top so in order to do that you’ve got to stir things up. You’ve got to stir it up."